Disney World January 2019: Day 8.

Tuesday, January 15th:

Today is my last full day at the park. Test Track is in the schedule all day and night. Let’s see what number I can reach. Started the day at 249 times on Test Track.

Headed to the park on the first bus from my resort.

I got to Epcot at 8 am. I met my friend Jessa and we walked to Test Track. Jessa got to ride with me for the 250th ride. I got pictures after and jumped back in line. We’ll see how many more times I can ride today.

I got to 264 rides by 12 pm. Emerson wanted me to meet her out front of the ride. She took me up to the GM Lounge above Test Track. They had a special presentation for me. They gave me a bunch of Test Track mementos. An honorary Test Track Technician certificate, a Test Track license, a yellow seat belt tag, a mug, an old Test Track Car, a jacket, a shirt autographed by the crew. I also was given a VIP pass for the lounge by Mike (GM Manager). In the future, I can come to the lounge and bring friends to relax overlooking Epcot. That was very cool.

I continued to ride. At 8 pm, I was at 297. I used by Fastpass for Frozen. I also got a bite to eat.

Back to Test Track. Three more rides and I hit 300. It was also my 51st ride for the day. I got on 6 more times. A new one day record of 57 rides on the same attraction.

I waited for the ride to close. Shane had waited to get a group photo with me.

250 with Jessa
Emerson and Jessa
Ray and Chanell
Deb, Kenny, Steph and Justin
GM Lounge with the crew
Goofy photo
The cool things they gave me
Emerson and Erica
Frozen Ever After ride
At the end of the night

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