Epcot and Test Track

It has been great going to all the parks at Walt Disney World. Hollywood Studios with Tower of Terror and Rock N Roller Coaster. Animal Kingdom with Expedition Everest and Safari. Magic Kingdom with 7 Dwarfs Mine Train and all the rides Disneyland has. Space Mountain, Big Thunder, and Splash Mountain, to name a few.

But my favorite ride is in my favorite park. Test Track in Epcot. I first got on Test Track Monday night. I got to ride 5 times before it closed. I also got to meet Cast Members, Emerson, and Jessi. Emerson knew about my Racers adventure at DCA. Jessi helped me learn where they take the ride photo.

The next day, my friend Amos and I came to spend the day at Epcot. We went on Test Track twice. Then off to Spaceship Earth. Next, a trip to Mars on Mission: Space. It was a pretty good simulator ride. We did the green level. One more time on Test Track.

We went to Norway in the World Showcase and took a trip on Frozen Ever After. A cool ride that even goes backward down the flume.

After lunch, we went to Future World West. We went on Journey Into Imagination with Figment. Then off to Living with the Land. Next up was Soarin over the World. Same ride as California but Epcot at the end, not Disneyland. Last up, The Seas with Nemo and friends. Amos wanted a little break. He went back to the hotel and I went back to Test Track. I got on 2 more times to reach the 10 ride total. I went on 5 more times to reach 15. Took a break and went on Mission: Space Orange. It was more intense than Green. I made it out in one piece.

I got some dinner. I met up with Amos and we went on Frozen one more time. He wanted to watch the fireworks and I went back to Test Track to end the night. As I was racing, more cast members came up to me and asked things like, “are you the guy from Racers? Can I have a card? I want to be your friend. I’ve heard a lot about you”. By the end of the night, I got more photos with my new friends. Katie, Laura, Rachel, and Lindsay. They also helped me get on the ride quicker the last 5 times. When I told them, ” this is my last ride of the night”, they told me to make sure my pose for the photo was a good one. After I got out of the car. They gave me a copy of the photo. Rachel Robinson wrote on the photo holder, “Test Track Loves You”. It was a great end to my trip to Orlando. Getting to know this great group of cast members was the best I could ever hope for. Their treatment of me almost brought me to tears. I know have a family in Orlando to go along with my family in Anaheim. I love my new “sisters and brothers”.

Emerson and Rachel




Jessi and Emerson 


Frozen Ever After 


Amos and I on Frozen 









10th ride 








20th ride 


Last ride. Number 25

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