Finishing Strong

Only 19 more days left in 2015. Let’s see if I will be able to achieve the year end goals I set, after my 5000 lap on November 2nd. 

Last night, I came to Radiator Springs Racers to get in a few laps. I thought I would ride only 2 times. But ended up with 7 laps, from 7:05pm until 10:45pm. After the 1st ride, some awesome things happened. I got some 5200 lap pictures with Pit Crew members I don’t get to see that much. Jessica G., Delaney P., Martha C., Sandra P., Austin P., and Melissa L. I then got in line for ride 2, and a young kid and his sister, who were in the Fastpass line, came up to me. He asked if I was Jon. He shook my hand and his sister was going to take a selfie of us. But it was too dark. So we had a guest,  from the single rider line, take a picture with the three of us and my 5200 sign. They right after, 3 more guests recognized me from the newspaper and also wanted a photo. And also a couple other people in the single rider line with me. Almost like they were lining up. 
It really makes me humble, when people want my picture. I’m sure we all know how much I love taking pictures. Just ask the Pit Crew. I will never turn down anyone who wants a photo. It really helps encourage me to keep riding.
I talked to a few more people about my story, as I was waiting to turn 5 more laps. I also took more Pit Crew photos. Photos with Cristian A., Jamie K., Robbie C., Nick S., and Karla S.
So the 7 laps got me to 5255 all time and  2483 for the year. 
Goal number 1 was to reach 2600 times this year. Only 117 away from that goal. That one will be achieved for sure. The 2nd goal to hit 5500 by year’s end will be challenging. I’m 245 laps away. 
I’m planning on coming to the ride 11 more days. So I need an average of 22.2 laps per day. I will be there December 14,  15, 17, 18, 21, 22, 24, 25, 28, 29, and New Years Eve, the 31st. 
There are a few X factors that could slow this goal. But will not mention them. It all comes down to this. If it is meant to be, it will happen. Last year, I would of been disappointed if I did not reach 2400 on the 31st. But everything worked out. 
This year, I will put in the days and hours to reach this goal. Let’s see if the Racing Gods will allow 5500 to be achieved before 12am midnight on the 31st. KA CHOW !!!!!!!
There will be a video of all the 5000 photos in a few days. You will be able to see this video and my Racers story on my You Tube page. Here is the link:

Jessica G.

Delaney P.

Martha C.

Sandra P.

Austin P.

Melissa L.

Cristian A.

Jamie K.

Robbie C.

Nick S.

Karla S.

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