Christmas Eve 2015 was a very special day. I walked over to the entrance of Disney California Adventure after parking my car at 6:30am. I was able to come in the park with the Extra Magic morning guests at 7:00am. I arrived at Radiator Springs Racers at 7:11am. And the racing began. After 9 laps, I met up with Larissa F. and her son Riley. They were visiting from Washinton. We became friends through the Drama Free Disney Facebook page. We were able to ride together for that lap. Lap 5416 for the year. They also went on once in the single rider line. It was great talking to them. Like we were old friends catching up. They left saying they would come back later that day, around 8pm.

The laps kept turning one after another. I took my first and only break between 2 and 2:28pm. I had 25 laps (rides) for the day so far. Eight and a half hours to go. This is when I started to think something magical could happen. I did not want to leave the ride, fearing I would jinx what was occurring. The longest wait in the single rider line was under 20 minutes. Most of the day it was under 10 minutes. Larissa and her son showed up at 8:00pm. Riley gave me a Piston Cup because he liked my story. I thanked him for the thoughtful gesture. We got to ride again in the same car. Lap 42 for the day. They also went one more time in the single rider line. It was great meeting them and spending some time talking about this adventure. We wished each other a Merry Christmas.
Then the real fun began. Wait time was as fast as I could get off ride and cycle back around. At about 9:15pm, I tied my record, for one day, 47.  Then 48, 49, and 50 at 10:15pm. I asked the cast member Leads, Carlene and Robbie, if I could ride in the last car of the evening. So I was able to ride for the 51 time at 10:48pm. Then at 11:05pm, I turned lap 52, in a car by myself. I always wanted to have a 50 lap day. But I never thought it would occur on Christmas Eve.
It was a special day. Meeting new people, taking 5400 photos with my Pit Crew friends and reaching 52 rides in one day. My own little Christmas magic.

Me, Riley and Larissa in front row

Riley and Larissa with Piston Cup

Larissa and Riley






Alessa, Kristen and Teressa

Lap 52 for the day

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