Flying to Orlando

I woke up at 3:30 am this morning to get ready to go to LAX. I left my house at 4:25 am and arrived at my place of work by 5:25 am. I left my car in the parking structure and got a ride with Uber. It was my first time using Uber. It costs $9.76 and I got to LAX at 5:43 am.

Today was also the first time flying since 911. So it was a first time going through TSA. Since I have metal knees, I had to have a full pat down. He even asked if I wanted to go to a private room. I told him no, just do it. I got to the Southwest gate around 6:30 am. The flight wasn’t until 9:15 am. I met my friend Amos there, who showed up a few minutes after me. The flight took off 30 minutes late. The plane was late getting to us. Also, the crew needed to get a burrito off the food truck on the tarmac. Just kidding.

We arrived in St. Louis at 3 pm but did not get off the plane until 3:15 pm. We then had to rush to our next plane. We were at gate 12 and had to get to gate 31. Of course, we had to stop by the restroom on the way. I’m not using the plane toilet. The plane was already crowded so, Amos and I were separated. I got to sit next to 2 kids who were flying to their new home in Orlando. Their parents were in the seats behind us. I showed them my Tower of Terror and Racers pictures. They thought it was cool. The plane looked newer than the first flight. Cleaner and more leg room.

Now only 2 hours to Orlando.

We touched down in Orlando at 6:25 pm, Local time. Did not get off the plane until 6:40 pm. Took the shuttle to All-Star Music Resort. Checked into our room at 8:30 pm. Amos and I then got an Uber to take us to Walmart to load up on water and snacks for the parks.

I want to thank my friends Carlene, Catalina, and Tara for allowing me to keep them informed of our travels today. They are my 3 favorites “sisters”, I’ve gotten to know.

The adventure begins tomorrow. Stay tuned.

The tarmac food truck


Amos and I 






Coming into Orlando 


Carlene, Catalina and Tara in the 8000 car


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