Universal Studios Theme Parks, Orlando

Amos and I had free tickets for Universal Orlando. So we took Uber and got to the parks at 8:15 am.

After we put our stuff in a locker,  we first went to the Hulk ride. I’ll do any ride once. We even had to put everything in a free locker. No hats, phones, anything metal. Of course, my knees are metal but that was ok. It was a wild ride. Kept my eyes open the whole time. Felt a bit shaky after we got off.

We then went on Spider-Man. Kind of like Transformers in California. But a lot better. Still feeling a bit queasy after this ride also. Hulk had not gotten out of my system yet.

We then went on King Kong Skull Island. A tram ride. They even had a single rider line, which we took advantage of. I think the tram ride in California was better for the Kong part of the ride.

Next up Jurassic Park: River Adventure. About a 30 minute wait. We were in the 3rd row. So we did not get too wet.

Amos and I got in the single rider line for Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. It turns out what we thought was the single rider line was the normal line. It moved pretty well. The ride was another spin and turn you in all directions. I handled it a lot better than Hulk and Spider-Man. But still got a tad guesy.

After, we got some Butterbeer. A non-alcoholic buttercream icee. It was pretty good.

We were on the Islands of Adventure park. We then went over to the Universal Studios Park. Amos wanted to eat first. We went to the Leaky Cauldron restaurant. I got the cottage pie combo and Amos the chicken sandwich.

We went to the Mummy ride. I wanted to go on because it is my friend Carlene’s favorite ride. We went Single Rider and took a spin. A little better than the one in California. We walked around the rest of the park, stopping to see the Horror Makeup Show. The one in California is better. Especially when Carlene was the audience volunteer. I fell asleep during this one. As we were walking out of the park we stopped at the Chocolate Emporium for some ice cream.

We left Universal at 5:30 pm.

Now headed over to the Orlando Convention Center. We are camping out overnight for the Star Wars Convention. Specifically to get a wristband for the 40 years of Star Wars panel. We got to the Convention Center at 6:15 pm, we were about 400 people back in line. So we are golden for the panel. Now just need to sleep overnight on a hard concrete floor.

Amos and I in front of Hulk








The Dragon


As we left the parks today


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