Most laps in one week

I had my best week so far on Radiator Springs Racers. I needed 4 laps  ( a lap is what they call each time on the ride) to break my record of 76 laps in 1 week. I got those 76 laps the last week in June. I was at the attraction 6 days in a row. Besides being off work on Mondays and Tuesday, I also took Thursday off. Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, I went to the ride after work. Today I was coming up the single rider line and the ride broke down. I waited out the 50 minutes to cycle the power back up, I then got 5 laps to reach a new week total of 78. My lap count for the year is at 1227.

My Aunt Sandra and Uncle Grant came down from Utah with my cousin Natalie and cousin Alan and his wife Paula and kids Grant, Preston, and Lydia. They went up the single rider line a couple times. They saw how I interact with the Pit Crew members (cast members). The Pit Crew was great as usual. They really want me to get 2000 laps for the year. They always have a smile when I show up at the attraction. They also ask what lap I’m on at the time. 

This photo has my Aunt Sandra in the front left seat and I’m in the back left seat.

Left to right: Cousin Alan, me and Cousin Natalie

Left to right : Preston, Paula,Grant,Alan, and Lydia.

My Aunt Sandra and cousins getting sent on their lap.

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