Why I Love Radiator Springs Racers: The Back Story

Four years ago, I would not be able to fit on  Radiator Springs Racers. I could only visit Disneyland and California Adventure for 2 hours at a time. If I wanted to spend the day with friends or family, I would have to rent a Scotter. My knees were in bad shape. Four knee surgeries on the left knee and 3 on the right knee. The knee surgeon told me the only solution was knee replacement. He would not perform the surgery unless I lost weight. I weighed over 380 lbs.

I had gastric bypass surgery. Eleven months later and minus 150 lbs., I had double knee replacement surgery . Both knees at the same time.
Eight months later, they had preview days for Cars Land and a new ride: Radiator Springs Racers. I was scared I would not be able to bend my knees enough to fit in the backseat. There is plenty of room in front seat. I fit in the seat just fine. My first   ride, I lost my hat. They found my hat and I received it in the mail 2 days later. I went on the ride 6 times that day. Each time on the ride is called a lap. I loved the ride, especially the race.
That first half calendar year I turned 56 laps. Last year, I turned 316 laps. At 300, I had a sign and got some Pit Crew (cast members) members to take a picture with me and the sign. That is when I started to get to know the Pit Crew.
This year, I wanted to challenge myself to reach 1000 laps. I reached that goal in July.
Along the way something great happened. I became friends with the Pit Crew. We got to know each other. They encouraged and rooted fir me along the way. We have developed a bond that is hard to describe. Whenever I show up to Racers, they always have smiles and kind words. I also light up when I see them. It has also been a privilege to bake for them. They seem to like my cookies and cakes. So, I’ll continue to bake for them.
I really love this group of people. I almost broke up when they celebrated my 1000 lap. I was happy to just ride with Crew members. After I came back from the 1000 lap, they gave me a piston cup and a couple pieces of art work signed by the Crew.
The Crew thought I might quit after 1000 Laps. My competitive nature told me the number to go for is 2000 laps. The Pit Crew is really pulling for me now. I don’t think I would of gotten to 1000 without their support. They have made this ride that much better for me. Ka Chow

Knee X-rays from today. My metal knees going strong

Before Gastric Bypass Surgery

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