One more to go

Today I came to Disney California Adventure. I wanted to get 5 laps (rides) on Radiator Springs Racers, to reach 5999. 

I got to the entrance of DCA at about 8:45am. As I was waiting in line, I got a visit from the Kramer family from Washington. I knew they were coming to the park today. They found me waiting in line. I first met the Kramers last year. Shortly after I reached 2400 laps. We got a picture then and also a picture today, with my 5900 sign. They went to Disneyland, to start the day.  I also met another family from Washington. The Luce family. The saw me get a picture with the Kramers and also wanted a photo. No problem. Everyone knows how much I love taking pictures. 
I got to Racers at about 10:05am. I went on laps 5995 and 5996. I was in line, at merge, when I heard the power go down. A person was at out bounds at the unload area. The cast members had no choice but to hit the E stop button. So they had to get the guests out of every car on the track, before they could power the ride back up. The ride was down from 11:07am until 12:25pm. 
I got on lap 5997 at about 12:28pm. I was even in the first car out of the station, when the ride came back up.
Shortly after, the Kramer family came to the ride. We were able to ride together for lap 5998. It was great to ride with them. I also showed them the location of a couple “Hidden Mickeys” on the attraction.  I got a photo after with them and their extended family. Very cool. It was great seeing them. That is one of the special “Disney Magic” moments. Meeting people I have seen at the ride before. The Kramers will hopefully be back in December, when I’m close to 8000 laps.  
I then took a break. Only need one more lap today to reach 5999. I went by Luigi’s Rollicking Roadsters. They were having cast member previews of the ride. I saw my cast member friend Alessa A., working the ride. We had a talk about the attraction. It’s going to be a great little ride.
I then went on Monsters, Inc. Some of the cast members recognized me from my Racers pictures. I then went by Tower of Terror. I saw Sarah Reyes and Alexis A., who let me come into the attraction. Which was number 57 for that ride. I then walked back to Racers. A went by Flicks Fun Fair and saw Martha. Had to say hi. Had a brief talk with Jared E. and Carlene B., at single rider entrance. Then got in line at 3:35pm for lap 5999. At 4:00pm, in blue 3 and on Luigi’s side for race, I lost on lap 5999. Now the stage is set for the 6000 lap on Monday. Hopefully, I will get to ride with 5 of my cast member friends to mark the special milestone. I will wait all day to be able to ride with these friends. I’m very excited to reach 6000 laps. 

Bill, Lisa, Cole and Kennady Kramer

The Luce Family






Front row: left to right, me, Kennady and Cole. Back row: right to left, Lisa, Bill and single rider

Left to right Alex, Bill, Lisa, Cole, me, Kennady, Karen, Nick and Jake or Jake then Nick

Tower of Terror

Lap 5999





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