6000 Day

I woke up at 5am. No rain until I left for DCA at 6:45am. And it was rain, thunder, and lightning. In fact the lightning knocked out the power of some of the street signal lights in Anaheim. On my drive, I got texts from Jamie K., Sandra W., and Mike G., telling me when they would arrive at Racers. 
Got to the parking lot at 7:20am. The lot was supposed to open up at 7:30am since Extra Magic Morning starts at 8am for DCA. Some delay with the weather. It opened at 7:48am.

I walked over to the park. Can not break tradition now. Luckily it was not raining. There was no one coming in for Extra Magic Morning. So they let me come into the park. I rented a locker for later. I got to Racers at 8:20am and talked to Cast Members: Guillermo, Ruth, and Catalina. Guillermo is one of the ride Leads today and will see if we can turn lap 6000 around 11:30am.

So I’m just hanging out and waiting for my friends and 2 cast members friends to arrive.

I went over to Luigi’s Rollicking Roadsters. Today is the official opening. The wet weather will not allow them to operate. The floor the cars dance on needs to be completely dry for them to perform. I saw Allison, Jonathan and Greg out front and visited with them for a little bit.

I went over to talk to Catalina out front of Racers stand by line. She told me Yesenia, the B lead for the ride, said because of short staffing today, the 6000 lap will be at 2pm. Now I know when the magic will happen. That is a big relief. Now to try and find how to keep busy until then. Sitting when I could be racing is hard for me. But I need to on the big lap days.

My friend Mike G. showed up at about 10:50am. I took my umbrella to my locker and we walked around by Tower and Bugs land. Did not go on any rides. We also talked with Catalina, who was by the Single rider entrance. Mike got something to eat. I’m too anxious to eat anything right now. Waiting for 2pm to come around.

Dorise showed up just after 1pm. Then Sandra and then Jamie. Jamie is going to ride in the 6000 car. She came in on her day off to ride. We all walked to GWD at 2pm. And waited for the 4 other girls to get released to ride in the 6000 car.

At 2:25pm, My cast member friends, Carlene, Catalina, Ruth and Jessica, joined Jamie and I at GWD. We all got into Teal 2. We were on the Luigi’s side for race. And we lost on lap 6000. I usually lose on the big laps. All that matters, is that I got to ride with my friends. Jamie even got a video of the race with my GoPro camera. After we got out of the car, we got a group photo. One normal and one goofy. I’m always the lucky one who gets to ride with his cast member friends on the big laps. They are the best. I want to thank the Photopass cast members who gave us the ride photos. I also took photos with my friends, Sandra, Dorise and Mike, who came to celebrate the ride with me. We also met Heather and got a selfie. I took a break to get a bite to eat. We then all went on Racers. Single rider line. My 6001 lap. I then went with Heather and Dorise on Tower of Terror. Back to Racrrs for 5 more laps. Ended the day at 6006. Good number to stop on. Back at Racers on Wednesday to start and race to a new goal. I want to hit 7000 rides on my Birthday. Four months from now.

Thanks to everyone who made this such a special day. Continued support will help me reach the next goal. Let’s see what will happen. KA CHOW!!!!!!!!

6,000 video with comments from Carlene Beckius, Catalina Simpson, Ruth Cabral, Jamie Kisely, and Jessica Miracella:


The raw 6,000 ride:

Back row: Catalina, Me, and Jessica
Front row: Jamie, Ruth, and Carlene
Left to right


Jamie and Carlene

Left to right: Ruth, Catalina, Me, Jessica and Carlene

Goofy shot

Mike, Dorise and Sandra

Heather, Sandra, and Dorise

After the finish line


Jonathan, Allison and Greg

Makinna  and Jason


Tower with Heather and Dorise





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