Star Wars Marathon

December 18th. 2019

Came to the AMC theatres in Orange for the Star Wars movie marathon. All 9 movies in the series. The ticket was $80. They gave us a lanyard, pin and blanket.

The Phantom Menace started at 4:40pm. It was supposed to begin at 4:15 pm. After a 20 minute break, Attack of the Clones began at 7:20pm. Before the movie started I put the blanket in my car along with a souvenir popcorn bucket I bought. There was a long break after episode two. Revenge of The Sith started at 11 pm. It was hard to stay awake during this film. Drifted off a few times. A short break and A New Hope started at 1:45 am. Slept a few times during this film also. The Empire Strikes Back started at 4:15 am. One of my favorites in the series.

Five movies down, 4 to go. Next up is Return of The Jedi. It started at 7 am. The closing scene where you see ghost Darth Vader is now ghost Hayden Christensen. Everyone went crazy in the theatre.

At 10 am they played The Force Awakens. The movie was done at 12:30pm. We now have a break until 1:50 pm, when The Last Jedi starts. I still cry at the end of Last Jedi, when Luke gives himself to the force.

A 49 minute break and then the one we’ve been waiting for, The Rise of Skywalker. This was an awesome film to wrap up the saga. I cried several times. I will go see this film several times.

This was a great choice for my first movie marathon. I like the marvel movies but my first love has always been Star Wars. I remember when A New Hope came out in 1977. I saw the film 22 times at the movie theaters. I’ve been hooked to the saga ever since.

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