The busiest day this year.

Today I will keep track once again of rides per hour. I heard that the park is expecting 40,000 guests today. We will see how many laps I can turn today.

Did not ride for the first time until 8:35am. The attraction was shut down.
From 8am to 9am only 1 lap.
From 9am to 10am, I turned 3 laps. While in line, a few guests recognized me from the newscast last Monday. It helps when I wear a lanyard showing the laps I’ve turned this year:) While writing this post another family noticed my lanyard. We got to talking and they wanted a picture with me. This whole thing has been crazy. I sometimes feel like an ambassador for the ride. I always praise the attraction and its cast members. I Met a family from Paris. Told them my story and they wanted a picture with me. 
From 10am to 11am only 1 time. The single rider line was 45 minutes.
From 11am until 12 noon. 1 lap. This is lthe busiest day I’ve been all year. This will be a test of endurance. Can I last from  8am until 11pm ?
From 12pm to 1pm only 1 lap. Had a nice talk with Pit Crew member Ruth. She said I spoil them too much with the goodies I bring. The Pit Crew spoil me a lot . They are all so friendly and supportive. I love them all. 
1pm to 2pm, 2 laps.
2pm to 3pm. 1 lap.
3pm to 4pm. 1 lap.
4pm to 5pm. 1 lap.
5pm to 6pm. 1 lap.
6pm to 7pm. Ride broke down, twice. No laps
7pm to 8pm. 2 laps.
8pm to 9pm. 2 laps.
9pm to 10pm. 1 lap.
10pm to 11pm. 3 laps. Plus a bonus lap. Courtesy of Alicia. Thanks
Thought I could do more. But 22 is more than I had to start the day. Now at 2052 for year. 
Everytime I leave the attraction, I can’t wait to come back. Come back to turn laps. But more fun to come back and see my Pit Crew friends. You guys are great.

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