The Final Month

We have now reached December. November was a great month. Reaching 2000 laps was the highlight of this year.  Having my friends from work and ABC covering the event was awesome. And of course riding with The Pit Crew fulfilled the day. I only got 126 laps in the month. Not a good 1 month total. 

I’m at 2062 laps for the year. 
We will see how many laps I can reach this month. I’m taking 6 vacation days to help in the numbers. But having to get 338 laps to reach 2400 will not be easy. I hope I don’t let anyone down if I fall short of this number. Reaching even 2300 will be tough.
Besides my normal Monday’s all day, and Tuesday half day, I will be taking off (from work), the Wednesdays and Thursdays on the week before Christmas, Christmas week and New Year’s week. Planning to be there 8am to 10pm Chrustmas Eve and from 8am to 1am New Year’s Eve. Going to end the year at Racers.
It would be cool if I could ride, 1 last time with The Pit Crew on the last lap of the year 🙂

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