Tower 260 and Christmas Eve 2016

On Friday night, December 23, I came to Tower of Terror after work. I wanted to go on Tower for the 260th time, with the Bellhops. That was my goal for Tower. Why 260? The Bellhops said I should have a 13 in the number. 260 is 13 times 20. So at the end of the night, I got to ride with my friends. Sarah G. helped set up the ride. This was a great Christmas present from the Bellhops. Tower means a lot to me and I’ll miss it when it closes on January 2nd. My Bellhop friends have been awesome and I love them all. I’ll come on the last day and see if I can somehow be the last “guest” to ride.

Left to right: Alex, Juston, Jose, Travi, Sarah, Walter, Brisa, Jeff, and Felix

Now for Christmas Eve. 

I got to Disney California Adventure at 7 am. I was able to come it with the Extra Magic Morning guests. Radiator Springs Racers did not open until 7:30 am. I was able to get in the first car out of the station. The goal was to get 40 rides to reach 8300 all time.

I got 3 rides before they had a minor issue. I got on Racers 10 times by 10 am. Then 10 more by 12:45 pm. I took a brief break at 2 pm and had another 10 laps at 4:15 pm. Only 10 more to reach 8300. Three more rides before a break from 5 pm until 5:12 pm. Three more rides by 6:10 pm. I got another 2 rides before a 30-minute downtime because of a single car issue. After 2 more rides, I hit the 8300 mark at 8:21 pm. I was in Silver 2, on Luigi’s side for the race, and lost the race. I got 40 laps for the day. That was enough for this day.

Throughout the day, I also went by to see some of my cast member friends. I visited with Jess and Minerva at Mater’s, Tracie at Luigi’s,  Amanda working the shop by Grizzly River Run. I also saw Desiree at Disney Junior. At night, I went by to see Cameo at Flik’s and Lisa at the Viva Navidad parade. I got Merry Christmas pictures with them and pictures with my friends at Racers.

When I left Racers at 8:21 pm, I walked over to Tower of Terror. I took 4 trips to the 13th floor. I’m now at 264 times on Tower. I also got photos with Jessica, Tyler, and Aubree.

It was a pretty good Christmas Eve. I got 2 presents at the park. Getting to ride with the Bellhops at 260 and reaching 8300 laps at Racers.

One week to go for this year. I’ll be at the park Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday, New Year’s Eve. I’d like to reach 8400 at Racers but also need to say goodbye to Tower. The friendship I’ve made at Tower has really been my Disney Magic.  The ride may go away but the relationships will last a lifetime.










Jessica and Tyler




Elizabeth, Amanda, Kristin, Lauryn, and Wendy


Showing off the cookies I brought them: Amanda, Kristin, Wendy, Lauryn, Alex and Elizabeth


Cristian and Cidney


Rosy and Jackie










Jacob and Yafiet





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