Christmas Week

This week I have Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday (Christmas Eve) off from work. I also have Christmas day off but do not come to Racers on Sunday.

Monday, December 18th:

I got to Disney California Adventure at 9 am. I first went to Tower of Terror. My friend Aubree was the Bellhop that dispatched me for ride 256.

I got to Radiator Springs Racers at 9:38 am. The single rider line was not that busy. Even with a 25-minute downtime for a show issue, I got 10 rides in by 1:22 pm. Only 5 more to reach 8200 rides. I took an 8-minute break and got back in the single rider line at 1:34 pm. It took until 4:05 pm to get another 4 rides. I then got in line for ride 8200. At 4:41 pm, in Silver 4, on Ramone side for the race, I hit the 8200 ride. I also won the race.

I went on Racers 5 more times in the day and ended at 8205.

Desiree showed up and we went on Tower of Terror together. My 257th time. I left the park at 9 pm.

The 8200 car

















Tuesday, December 20th:

I got to the Parking structure at 6 am. I got to Tower of Terror at 8:05 am. I went on my trip to the 13th floor for the 258th time.

I then got to Racers at 8:35 am. No wait in Single Rider line. I got in 6 rides by 10:08 am. Then the ride broke down. A single car issue that only lasted 10 minutes.

Things went pretty smooth after that. I reached 12 rides for the day, by 12:30 pm. One of them was with my friend, Kameron Rogers. She was visiting from Idaho with her husband, Chuck and 2 daughters, Bree and Alli. We all went in the single rider line. It just worked out that Kameron and I got to sit together. Kameron and I worked together at KDOC-TV in the late 80’s.

I went over to Tower and got to ride for the 259th time,  I also saw Sarah G. and got a picture with her, John and Kenny.

Back to Racers at 1:20 pm. By the time I left Racers at 6:40 pm, I got another 11 rides. I ended up with 23 for the day.


Kameron, Bree, Chuck, and Alli


Jesse, Nicole, Teddi, Jacob, and Frances


Grace and Betoh





Wednesday, December 21st:

Came into DCA when the park opened at 8 am. Went straight to Racers. The single rider line was pretty empty most of the day. It startled to rain after my 14th ride of the day. Then on lap 15, I got soaked. The rain was pretty heavy. I was not prepared for the rain. I went to one of the gift shops and bought a poncho. I wanted to get at least 20 rides, so I continued to race. My cast member friend, Carlene, told me, “it’s only water”. I saw my friend Sara S. and her family visiting from Colorado. They were also in the single rider line. I first met them when I was at 6700 rides. My friend, Etsuko, also came by the ride. She was visiting from Japan. We went in the single rider line twice.

I ended up with 27 rides today. I’m now at 8255. I got wet weather photos with my cast member friends.

This day set up what could be another magical day on Christmas Eve. Last Christmas Eve, I got 52 rides. It is supposed to rain. So that could hurt or help the cause.

Jodie, Rob, Sara





Catalina, Tracie, and Alexsie












Mary and Carolyn


Guillermo and Lainie


Jared and Rosanna


Carlos and Stephanie 

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