1st week of December 2016

This is the first week that I have Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday off from work. Besides my normal Monday and Tuesdays off, I’m using vacation days for every Wednesday this month.

Monday, I got to Disney California Adventure when they opened at 10 am. The single rider line at Radiator Springs Racers was about a 30-minute wait. At about 11:45 am I turned my 8100 lap (ride). I got on the ride 9 times, for the day.  Ending at the 8107 mark.

Throughout the day, I went back and forth from Racers and Tower of Terror. Trying to reach 260 totals times on that attraction. I ended up with 7 times on Tower. Ended at 209. I also got to say goodbye to one of the Bellhops, Luis. It was his last day with Disney. Wishing him the best in the future. I left the park at 7:27 pm

Tuesday, I arrived at DCA at 9 am. Again a mixture of Radiator Springs Racers and Tower of Terror. I was able to have a better day at Racers. I got on 12 times. Ended at 8119. I got another 7 rides on Tower and ended at 223. One ride I sat down in the elevator, and I saw my friend Desiree,  seated across from me. She even pointed at me for the ride picture. I left the park at 8 pm.

Wednesday, I had a few errands to do and did not get to DCA until almost 1 pm. I first stopped at the Racers Fastpass area and visited with my friends Carlene, Teo, and Marie. Of course, I also got a couple selfies.

I got on 7 times at Racers and another 7 times on Tower. My last ride at Racers was with my friends Martha, Alyssa, and Logan. We then all went together and got on Tower. Always fun to ride with people I know. I left the park at 8 pm. I probably would have liked more rides at Racers, but the single rider line was crowded on all 3 days. The wait times were from 20 to 40 minutes.

I ended my 3 days with 28 times on Racers. Now at 8126. And 21 times on Tower. Now at 230. Only 30 from my goal of 260 before the ride closes on January 2nd,

My favorite times at the park is when I get to take pictures with my friends. They really make my day. Back again next Monday to continue the adventure.



Luis and Lisa




Andrew and Doug








Dalene and Betoh






Kaden and Desiree




Howie, Cristian, Sarah, Kiki, and Emma








Josie, Nyshon, and Jayson






Martha, Logan, and Alyssa


Logan, Alyssa, and Martha 


Amanda, Martha, Alyssa, and Logan




Carlene, Marie, and Teo



Chris and Jeffrey

Jessica and Liz






Nicole and Sergio





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