Tower and the final month of 2016.

I wanted to go see the doctor before making this post. I was worried I may not get to do the things I want in December.

On Sunday, November 27th, I got to go on Tower of Terror, in Disney California Adventure, for the 200th time. What made it special was getting to ride with some of my Bellhop friends. Lisa B. help set up the ride by asking the leads if we could ride at the end of the night. At about 10:15 pm, I got to ride with Lisa, Sarah, Jose, Jessica, Tony, Spencer, and Marilyn. A great group. I’m lucky that I get to ride with these great people.

At the end of November, I ended up with 8098 rides on Radiator Springs Racers, all time. One month to see if I can break my year total from last year. I went on Racers 2795 times last year. I would need to go on Racers 264 times this month to tie that mark.

But I also want to get 58 more times on Tower to reach 260 all time. Why 260? Some cast members wanted me to have 13 in the final number. 213 times would be too easy and there is no way I can get to 313. But 13 goes into 260, 20 times.

I’m going to try and hit both goals, but Racers will be there next year. Tower of Terror will not. My friend from work, David, will put together a video of all the Tower photos with my Bellhop friends after the attraction closes for good.

I’ll be helping the odds of achieving both by coming to California Adventure every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday this month. Plus Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. Let the games begin starting Monday, December 5th.

200 ride on Tower with Lisa, Jessica, Sarah, Tony, Jose, Marilyn, and Spencer













Kenny, Carlene, and Christine














Jayson and Kristin 


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