December 2016 week 2

This week I also have Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday off from work. I also have Friday off.

Monday, December 12th:

I got to Disney California Adventure at 9:30 am. It appeared less crowded than last week. I was able to go on Radiator Springs Racers 14 times. I also got on Tower of Terror, 5 times.





Josie and Sarah



Tuesday, December 13th:

I read a Facebook post from Tower Cast Member Holden, about today being the last 13th day, on the calendar, that Tower of Terror will ever see. That motivated me to try and ride Tower 13 times. I got to DCA before the gates opened. I was talking with a family from Utah. We talked about my love for Racers and Tower. The Dangerfield family are from Utah. The mom, Mary even went to BYU like I did. They also love Tower of Terror. Once before that got to be the First Family to go on Tower of Terror to start the day. They got picked again and said they wanted me to be part of their family. That was very cool. We got to ride down to Tower in the Red Car Trolley. We also signed the Tower log that the every First Family gets to sign. When we went on the ride, their oldest daughter Ellie, asked if I would sit next to her.

I also saw Racers cast members being retrained at Tower. Andrew and Mikey. I got to ride with friends Angela and Clark once. At the end of the night, I was 1 away from 13. My friend Michelle came to Tower and we got on Tower for number 13. I even made a crude sign with the number 13.

I got on Racers 10 times. The single rider got long in the afternoon.

As I was leaving the park, I ran into my friends Heather and Jon. Heather took a selfie of the 3 of us.

The First Family ride on Tower of Terror with (from left to right) Ellie, Cole, Ollie, Mary and Addie Dangerfield


Post First Family Ride: Cole, Ellie, Mary, Addie, and Ollie


Mikey and Andrew

Lisa in front of Tower.



Clark and Angela sad about Tower coming to an end




Michelle and I on ride 13 for the day




Wednesday, December 14th:

Today I was feeling a little tired, with it being the 3rd day in a row getting to the park early. I was able to get on Racers 11 times and on Tower of Terror 4 times.

The fun part was visiting and getting pictures with my friends. I went to see Amanda working at Sea Side. She was feeling sick, but I still wanted to say hi. I got a picture with Carina at the single rider entrance to Racers. It has been awhile since I got a photo with her. I got a photo with Catalina at Luigi’s and a normal and goofy photo with Carlene at Racers. I went to Mater’s and saw Jess. She ran over when she saw me. She was wondering when I would come by to get a picture with her. See has seen my recent photos on Instagram and was a little jealous. And after my last ride at Tower, I saw Giselle working in the Tower gift shop. It is very humbling to me that people like getting photos with me.

At the end of the day, my totals were 8161 at Racers and 252 on Tower.

Catalina at Luigi’s



Goofy pic with Carlene







Jess at Mater’s. 


Rochelle at Mater’s




Friday, December 16th:

I got to DCA around 7 am. The Extra Magic Morning crowd was small, because of the rain. They let the few of us “normal guests” in with them at 7:15 am. I went to Tower of Terror and got on 2 times. On one of the rides, I was in the back row, all by myself. Not a big crowd there either.

I then went to Racers. The ride was having a few issues getting going. When they opened at 8:39 am, I was lucky enough to get in the first car, out of the station. It was a great day at Racers. I was there from 8:39 until 2:20 pm. I got on 24 times. That is a little better than 4 per hour. I’ll take that any day. I got some pictures with my friends before they opened and some during the racing day. I also went to Flik’s Fun Fair to say hi to Cameo. She was trying to wave me down and I was looking everywhere else except where she was. And I got a photo with her.

I then went back to Tower of Terror. I got on one more time. One of the shafts went down and they were only running one. You could also see the new paint on the outside of the attraction today. They have already started changing the ride over to Guardians of The Galaxy: Mission Breakout.


After leaving DCA, I met up with some friends. Amos and Carlene. Carlene and I got something to eat at Earl of Sandwich. Amos had already eaten. We then met up with Catalina and her husband Deane. The 5 of us went to see Rogue One. This is the 2nd year of our little Star Wars Movie Club. We all went to see The Force Awakens last year. Hopefully, we can continue the tradition with episode 8 next December. On opening Thursday this time.

Amos, Carlene, Catalina, and Deane



For the week, I ended at 8185 at Racers and 255 on Tower. Hopefully next Monday I will hit the 8200 at Racers and 260 at Tower. I also reached 2618 total rides for the year at Racers. Still have a shot to break my 1 year total of 2795, which I got last year.






Alessa and Teresa 

Guardians paint


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