2 days to go

I need 50 laps in the next 2 days to reach 2400 for the year. Got in 2 laps and then it started to sprinkle. Single rider line 20 minute wait as of 8:50am 

Turned 5 laps by 10:45am. Met more people to talk about my lap count. Also took pictures with Pit Crew friends, Cameron, Catalina and Carlene, Stephanie, Kimmy, Mel and Paul.
It sprinkled a few times. As of 4:30pm, no down times at the attraction. 
The ride broke down at 6:10pm. For about 20 minutes. Only 14 laps as of 7pm. And then the wind and rain. Ride down again at 8:45pm.
Ride started up. Got on a couple times. Then ride powered down and I was evacuated at Frank from ride. 
Only 18 laps today. 
Chances are I won’t get 32 tomorrow to reach 2400. But that’s ok. I gave it a good run.


Catalina and Carlene






Fan of my blog. I think Alexis

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