Last Day of Year

The day started out well. 3 times before 9am. Then a kid tried to go through an unauthorized gate at unload. The operator had no choice but to hit the emergency stop button for the whole ride. 

The ride was down for about 45 minutes.
Continued racing at 9:45am
By 2pm, was able to turn 14 laps. I need 18 in the next 10 hours.
And then I started turning out lap after lap. Needed 1 more lap before 11:30pm before the ride closed for the fireworks. At 11:10pm, I got lap 2400. My friends Ken and Sandra White were at California Adventure and were able to ride with me for lap 2400. 
I’ll post later on my final stats and feelings about this adventure. I could not of done any of this without the support of The Pit Crew. They know how I feel about them.

With Ken and Sandra White.


Jason, Christine, Sarah


Mark and Andrew





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