3 days to go

It is going to be tough to ride 68 more times. Already the ride has broken down twice. Only been on 2 times as of 8:45am.

There are so many variables that can effect how many laps I can turn. Ride break downs, size of crowd in single rider line, guests not going where the cast members tell them. Too many Fastpass tickets given out.
At 9:25am only 3 laps for day. Single rider line now at least 30 minute wait. After my 4th lap, another 25 minute down time.  
Whenever I get a little discouraged, I quickly snap out of it when people ask me about my lap count lanyard and how impressed they are with my  laps for the year. Some even want my picture. That always cheers me up. Plus encouragement from The Pit Crew. Thanks Ruth C. 
When the single rider line is longer than 30 minutes, I get stuck in what I like to call “No Man’s Land”. That is when I’m several minutes from my Pit Crew family. When the line is moving, I have several chances to talk to the crew. Not in No Man’s Land. I get bogged down and time seems to stop. Especially when all 3 lines are packed. And they were all day. 5 down times so far today as of 2pm.
I also want to thank Carlene B. and John H. For you know what. And Kimmy H., Jennafer V. and Greg M.
As of 7pm, I’ve turned 13 laps for the day. Four hours to go until closing.
Met a lot of nice people in line this evening including sisters Emily and AlyciaI. I always like talking about my favorite ride and Pit Crew. 
I ended the day at 18 laps. This brought my total for the year to 2350. Two days and 50 laps to reach 2400. I’m going to need some Disney Magic to pull that off.



April and Katie


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