2 laps to reach 5000

I need 2 laps (rides) at Radiator Springs Racers on Monday to hit 5000 all time. It has been quite the adventure to reach this milestone. There have been good lap days and some challenging days. Good, when I was able to turn over 30 laps and not so good for those days I only got a few laps. Good or bad, I just kept at it, spending 10 to 14 hour days at the attraction. Through hot and humid months and up to 40 or more minutes waiting in the single rider line. 

The 2000 lap was for my Dad. He passed away from skin cancer before I was able to reach 2000. But I felt his presence on that lap. 
The 5000 lap is for all the supporters in this quest. The cast members for always having my back. They always seem to have that extra smile and greeting when they see me. They also like taking photos and teasing me. Blaming me when the ride goes down. I also have their back and love making them cookies and pumpkin bread. Also giving them photo albums of all the pictures I take with them. I don’t want them to ever forget me. I will never forget the kindness they have shown me. I always try and be an example of how the Pit Crew should be treated. This “sisters and brothers” will always be my Disney Magic. I love them with all my heart.
The support of the various Disney Facebook group members has also been a joy in this journey. Wanting to take pictures with me is a constant joy. And words of encouragement always help. Still hard for me to understand why anyone would want a picture with me. I’m just a guy trying to reach a goal. 
And I can not forget my friends and all their support. Mike G., Sandra and Ken, Heather, Dorise, Marcus, Jill, Leslie, Carlene, Catalina, Katie, Cameron, Amos, Ruth. Lisa and Linda, Erin, David, Michelle and Claudia.
That is why 5000 will be a special moment in my life. And why I want to share it will as many people as possible. They say nice guys finish last. Maybe this one time, the nice guy will finish first.

Catalina, Ruth, Katie, and Carlene before lap 2000

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