As usual, got to parking lot 10 minutes before it opened at 8:30am. Looked a bit crowded. Probably because the parks do not open until 10am. I walked over to DCA entrance without getting on the tram. I got to the attraction at 9:45am. I talked to one of the leads, Mark R. He told me because of some cast members “calling out”, they were short handed and probably could not do lap 5000 until 2pm. 

A brief window opened for a try at 11:00am, but I still needed one lap before 5000. I got in single rider line and did not get on ride until 11:08am. So the cast members had to go back in rotation. I had friends show up at 11am. Sandra, Heather and Dorise, Michelle, Claudia, Erin, and Mark and Brittany. Most of them could not stay. I was grateful they came in and we got some 5000 photos ahead of time. Former ride cast member Katie H. came in on her day off. And current Pit Crew member Carlene B. came in before she had to report to work.  Katie was able to stick around and Carlene had to go change into her Racers uniform and report to work. My friends Heather and Dorise H. were able to stick around. So Katie, Heather, Dorise  and I went and ate lunch at Boardwalk Pizza and Pasta. 
We got back to Racers at 1:40pm. Ruth, Catalina and Carlene were released from current rotation and along with Katie, we got into car Red 5 at about 2:26pm. I had the 5000 sign Angela S. made for me. Cast members were able to autograph the sign before the big day.  Katie had my Go Pro on her wrist, and we got video of the race. We won. But we also did not race against anyone. A win is a win. We got post race photos. Some normal and some goofy shots. Heather had my phone and took the photos. She also shot video of us getting in the car and leaving the station. And a great clip of the car coming across the finish line. Also took photos with Heather, Dorise, and Brittany.  The photo pass crew gave me the ride photo and another photo that Carlene, Catalina, Katie and Ruth signed for me. Carlene also handed me a card, the Pit Crew members signed. After saying goodbye to everyone, I went back to racing. Getting congratulations and photos with my cast members friends, along the way. Ended up with 12 total rides for the day and 5010 all time on Racers.
I am very grateful to everyone for making the 5000 lap possible. The leads for letting the cast members ride in the car and my cast member “sisters” getting in the car with me. My friends for showing up even if they had to leave before the big lap. The fact they showed up was great. And we did get 5000 pictures even if they were before the ride. Also Heather using my phone to take some great video and pictures of the event. It was a great day. 
What’s next? The real “goal” is to eventually reach 10,000 laps. It will take anywhere from 2 to 3 years. For the current year, I’ll like to end up with 2600 rides in this calendar year. I got 2400 laps  last year. So with 2600 this year, I will have 5000 laps in 2 years. In 2012, I got on the ride 56 times. In 2013, 316 times. So I would need to reach 5372 for this to happen. 
It has been a great adventure so far. And we all the love and support from the crew and friends, I see no reason to stop racing. Plus I still need a lot of 5000 photos to take.
All photo tags are left to right,

Catalina, Ruth, Katie and Carlene

Catalina, Katie, me, Carlene and Ruth

Goofy shot

Erin, Sandra, Dorise, me, Heather, Claudia, Mark, Michelle and Deshawn 

Goofy shot












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