2016 so far

The first 4 months of 2016 have been magical. I was able to hit the 6000 mark at Radiator Springs Racers on March 7th. Welcomed Jamie K. And Jessica M. to the big lap car. Joining me was, Carlene B., Catalina S., and Ruth C., who have been in my previous 1000 lap cars rides.  Reached 6383 at the end of April. Should hit 7000 laps by mid July. Wanted to reach 7000 on an earlier date, but Spring Break crowds have slightly slowed that process down within the past week. The Pit Crews’ encouragement and support keep me racing. Some get me in the front row of the car. Others seem to keep track of the color of cars I get in. Some have a way of knowing how many laps I have turned during the day. And others can see me from far away and wave when we make eye contact. 
In February, I got a picture with movie star Kate Beckinsale. She was at the Racers ride in the Photopass area when I got off the ride. I got the courage to go up and ask for a picture. She was very nice and let me take a selfie.

Something very special also happened in the first part of this year. I started befriending the Bellhops at Tower of Terror. Because of my Racers friends, I was recognizable to the Tower of Terror cast members. Some of them also work at Racers while some worked other attractions. It helps them break things up a bit. So you can say, Tower is my 2nd attraction.

I just happened to walk by there one night and a couple Bellhops called out to me. I never met them before but they knew me. Those 2 cast members were Alexis  B.  and Sarah G.. So I had to get a picture with them. There were 4 Bellhops that friended me from the start. Destiny S., Lisa B., Alexis A., and Sarah G.. After that, the rest of the Bellhops joined in. Towards the end of the night, I got to ride with them after the ride closed. I feel very lucky to get to ride with these great cast members. They have all welcomed me into their attraction. When I found out one of my favorite member was leaving for a job outside of Disney, I had to come say goodbye. I even made a sign for Destiny S. She was the Bellhop I got to ride with for 4 times which was more than any of the other cast members I have ridden with. She is going to be a customer service/concierge for a private jet airline. Sad to see cast members leave but very happy for them and their future adventures.

I always like ending my day at Racers by stopping by the Tower on my way out of the park.

So besides getting to 7000 at Racers, I should hit the 100 mark at Tower. I told them I’ll make a sign when that happens.

One of my biggest challenges will be next Sunday, where I try a half marathon for the first time: The Tinkerbell Half marathon. I’ve been training for the  event. Catalina S. has made us matching Racers outfits and will be running beside me, so we can help each other out in the race. 

The next 4 months should be as excited as the first 4 of the year.

Now the stats for this year:

I been on Racers 816 times this year. Last year, I was at 727 after the first 4 months. 
My record this year is 444 wins and 372 losses. 72 more wins than losses.

By lane of race:
Ramone side for race: 423 times and record of 252-171
Luigi side for race: 393 times and record of 192-201

By color of car:
Silver 136 and record of 72-64
Red: 123 and record of 67-56
Blue: 108 and record of 61-57
Purple: 105 and record of 59-46
Teal: 102 and record of 56-46
Green: 92 and record of 52-40
Yellow: 81 and record of 49-32
And Cranberry 69 and record of 29-40
Winning in every color but Cranberry.
Lastly, I’ve come to Racers 46 days this year for an average of 17.7 laps per day.
6000 lap with Catalina, Jamie, Ruth, Jessica and Carlene
Ruth, Catalina, Jamie, Jessica, Carlene
Kate Beckinsale 
Alexis and Sarah
Destiny and Sarah
 In the photo are Destiny, Sara M., Blanca, Lisa, Brisa, Gabriel, Allison, Takola

Destiny, Kyle, Christina, Takola 

Alex, Jamie, Jarred 

Darren, Tyler, Sarah R., Destiny, Brisa, Elizabeth, Lloyd

Kyle, Destiny, Kristen

Sonjia, Makinna, Dyllan, Jamie, Luis, Joey, Delaney, Elizabeth, Kyle 

Destiny and Christina

Sad face with Destiny


Goofy faces 



Cidney and Elizabeth 


Sarah H. And Allison

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