2400 details, stats and what’s ahead for 2015

Getting 30 laps on New Year’s Eve was a huge task. So many things had to click together. One was the awesome support of The Pit Crew. They really had my back this day. They new what had to be done and kept me on track throughout the day. Special thanks to Carlene B. and Cameron V. They took the lead in the morning and evening. Everyone was cheering me on and I even felt the ride wanted me to reach my goal. The one major stoppage was caused by a guest going into a restricted area. I even saw the incident that caused the cast member to hit the emergency stop button. It usually takes 60 minutes to reset the power but it only took 45.

And we were off and racing. At 4pm, I needed 15 more laps in 8 hours. I took a break to get my signs from my rented locker. I had 2 signs. One 2400 sign and one with 23 that I would add 2 numbers to if I did not reach 2400. I then stayed at the ride with no breaks until we finished. Things were going good and I was afraid if I left, the ride might break down. I got more nervous the closer I got to 2400.
My friends Ken and Sandra W., came over from Disneyland to support me in the last few laps. I was in line with 2 to go and the Mater after the race was acting up. They cycled the ride and took everyone off the ride. I saw the maintenance person go to reset and it only took 5 minutes to fix. The ride started up and I got 2399 at 10:50pm. When I got out of the car. I was escorted to GWD with Ken and Sandra. We got in the car for lap 2400. We got to the start of the race and the cars would not start the race. This has happened before and the race starts up after a couple minutes. This time it took awhile longer. I really got nervous. I was thinking, “Not now”. Then we took off for the race. Just after 11pm, I finished lap 2400. I had enough time for at least 1 more lap but 2400 was a good number to end on. The photo crew gave me the 2400 photo. I came back to unload and watched the Disneyland fireworks at midnight. Happy New Year and hugs all around. I came back after the ride was closed for the day. I then was able to ride with the Pit Crew. I had a sign that said “We Did It”. That was ride number 1 for 2015. It was a great topping to a great year at Racers.
I know I’ve said it several times, but this group of cast members really help make this a great journey. I was happy everytime I showed up at Racers. I could also sense that were also happy to see me. They always had smiles and kind thoughts when I was there. It was always my pleasure to bring them treats. I also liked how they all wanted to take pictures with me after each milestone. I now need pictures with them with my 2400 sign.
I also need to thank all the guests who gave me words of encouragement when they saw my lanyard and asked me about my lap count. A lot of them also wanted pictures with me and have been following my blog. A few even sent words of support on the final day. I really enjoy talking about my love for the ride and Pit Crew.
I’m still going to come to Racers in 2015. I’m now going to wear a lanyard with my total laps since the ride opened in June of 2012. Less than 230 laps from 3000 all time. I also will bring cookies once in awhile. But I won’t have a yearly goal.
Some cast members and guests don’t know how I put in the time to get 2400 laps. I have a very competitive spirit and a deep sense of commitment. If I set out to do something I want to finish what I start. That is why I went strong  after 1000 and more so after 2000. I need 338 laps in December. I came to the ride 18 times in December and averaged 18 rides per day.
This has truly been one of the best years I’ve ever had. It is all due to the awesome Pit Crew, the ride and guests who have supported me along the way. Ka Chow.
Now for the year end statistics
Laps per month:
January: 76
Febuary: 142
March: 152
April: 135
May: 191
June: 168
July: 208
August: 251
September: 377
October: 236
November: 126
December: 338
I came to Racers 210 days for an average of 11.4 per day. The most laps in one day was 45 and the least 1.
Now by lane of race:
Ramone side of race: 1205 and record of 638 wins and 567 losses
Luigi side of race: 1195 and record of 596 wins and 599 losses.
Color of car
Silver:  378 times and record of 191-187
Teal: 353 times and record of 161-192
Red: 349 times and record of  179-170
Yellow: 322 times and record of 174-148
Cranberry: 270 times and record of 151-119
Blue: 260 times and record of 126-134
Green: 248 times and record of 129-119
Purple: 220 times and record of 121-99
I will continue with the blog into 2015

The new lanyard for 2015

Closing crew on the last day

The first ride of 2015 with Pit Crew members Sonjia, Jared, Marc, Carina and Arleen.

The 2400 car

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