How It All Began

As far back as the year 2001, I’ve kept track of all my visits to The Disney Resort. I wrote down the date I visited each Park and the attractions I rode that day. 

My first time on Radiator Springs Racers was during a Passholder Preview Day. On June 10th 2012, I turned 7 laps at Racers. My very first time, I lost my hat. I called lost and found the next day, and told them I lost my D23 Convention Hat. They found my hat and I got it in the mail 2 days later. 
In 2012, I rode Racers 56 times. In 2013, I started going more often. Cast member Sherri B., noticed I was there a lot. She was the first Pit Crew member to add me as a friend on Facebook.
When I reached 300 laps, on December 23rd, I brought a “300 times” sign. I took a picture at the front of the ride before the 300 lap. I was also in the single rider switch back, where I asked a guest to take a picture of me with the sign. One of the ride managers, Kelly M, saw this and also took a picture of me with her camera. When I got off the ride, she had the cast members clapping for me. I also got a picture with Pit Crew members, Carlene B., Ruth C., Phil P, and Mark. That is when I started to become friends with the cast members. Soon after, I became friends with Carlene B. I even sent a message to Carlene saying I wanted to reach 400 laps last year. Just unestimated that one by 2000 laps.
January 2014, I became friends with Ruth C., Catalina S., and Brett P.
February added friends Katie H., Cameron V., Jeri R., and Erika G. Phil P was added around this time, but he accidentally dropped me as a friend. But later added me back.
In March, I became friends with Teresa V., France’s H., and Samatha L. And it took off from there. Now it’s over 100.
I ended up with 316 laps in 2013. 
This year I’m keeping track of the overall lap count from the first time I rode on June 10th 2012. The next sign you will see will be at the 3000 lap.
Some interesting stats from last year. 
My annual passport cost $629. I came through the admission gates 225 times. That works out to $2.75 each time I passed the turnstiles.
Attraction totals from last year:
Radiator Springs Racers – 2400
Astro Blasters – 8
Tower of Terror- 3
Big Thunder – 3
Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree – 2
Silly Symphony Swings – 2
Little Mermaid- 2
Indiana Jones – 1
Jungle Cruise – 1
Bobsleds – 1
Luigi’s Tires – 1
and Alladin- 1
Toy Story Mania – 1
So I do go on other rides.
I think I also forgot to put my overall won- lost record from last year.
1234 wins and 1166 losses

With Carlene, Ruth, Mark and Phil

The 300 lap

Before the 300 lap

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