Today will be the day I hit 3000 times on Radiator Springs Racers, since the ride opened in June 2012. So let’s get started.

I arrived at the admission gate at 7:50am. The gates opened at 8:32am. Got to rope drop at 8:33am.
Walked down to Racers at 9am. Got to ride at 9:04am. Walked in with standby line. Got on first car with guests out of the station. Dropped off cookies to Pit Crew and photo people.
Lap 2995 at 9:07am.
Lap 2996 at 9:25am.
Lap 2997 at 9:39am. 
I’m wearing the hat that all the Pit Crew members signed.
Lap 2998 at 10am. 
Carlene B. showed up on her day off. We went on lap 2999 at 10:15am in separate cars.
At 11am, Heather H. And her mom Dorise showed up at the ride. We went into the single rider line. At 11:23am. Carlene was in the front seat and me in the backseat. We were in Purple 2. And we won lap 3000. 
I was very happy that Carlene, Heather and Dorise were here for my 3000. It really meant a lot to me. Now I need to get photos with all my Pit Crew friends.

Carlene B. in front seat left side. 

Heather H. And Carlene B.

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