What Can Cause Racers to Breakdown

All rides at the Disney Resort can break down once and again. The more complicated the ride system is the better chance that something could go wrong.

At Racers, there is 1 Main computer that controls all the moving parts. There are 20 regions for the attraction, 16 of them have numbers. And 2 areas and 480 zones. Any one of these could go wrong.
Today, a single car stopped in the middle of the race. They first took the guests out of that car. Maintenance then tried to get the car moving again. They could not. So they had to power down the whole attraction. They did a full evact, where they take all the guests out of every car. They then had to get the push cart to push the bad car off the track. But before they can can get the car off the track, they have to power the ride up, region by region and move the good cars out of the way, so the bad car can be taken off to be serviced. The ride went down at about 11:37am. They got the ride moving again at 1:38pm.
I want to make clear that they never want the attraction to go down. If it was up to the ride operators, the ride would never go down. But with anything, the more something is used the more little things can happen. I’ve been to the ride 9 times this year and the ride has only been down 4 times. The first 3 times for only 10 minutes a piece. 
This down time gave me time to write this blog. I turned 2400 laps last year and I think the ride was only down less that 15 times, when I was at the attraction.

The bad car today 

The push cart getting ready to move the car

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