A life of its own

It is becoming clear to me that this adventure is becoming bigger than me. Everytime I go to Radiator Springs Racers, I meet people that have seen my posts on Facebook or see my ride total lanyard. They all have words of encouragement and congratulate me on what I’m doing. Just today, one of the tram cast members, wanted to shake my hand and told me to keep going. Then yesterday, one of the Pit Crew at Racers was asked by a guest if I was for real or just a Disney myth. 

All the Disney groups I’ve joined have also had words of encouragement.
I feel I need to keep going and gladly will.
This all may of ended last year when I hit 1000 laps (for the year). The surprise ride with the Pit Crew and giving me a Piston Cup and 2 art pieces was way more than I deserved. Then the love and support to keep going from the Crew took over. I can honestly say, they are the main reason I kept going and keep going today. Some of them have become great friends. 
So who knows what the future holds. But I will continue to add to my lap total. I don’t even get down when the ride has issues. It gives me time to visit with the Pit Crew. KA CHOW!!!

The 1000 lap from last year. With Eddie, John, Ruth and Carlene

2000 lap last year. With Ruth, Carlene, Catalina and Katie.

2400 lap from last year. With Ken and Sandra White.

3000 all time lap with Carlene.

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