June has always been a great month for me. It is my birthday month. This mood changed last year. My Father passed away from skin cancer. June will forever be a little bittersweet.  I was trying to reach 1000 laps at Racers (for the year) before he passed. It was not to be. He was not a big fan of what I’m doing at Racers. But he always taught me to set goals and work hard to achieve those goals. He also taught me to treat people with respect. 

I want to make this month a memorable one at Radiator Springs Racers. I’m currently 291 laps away from 4000 all time at Racers. That is a lot of laps. Last June I only got 168. The one thing in my favor is the fact there are 5 Monday’s and 5 Tuesday’s in the month. Those are the days I do not work. I’ll put in the time at the ride. And as always the support and encouragement from my Pit Crew family, will keep me on track. Also the support from the Disney Facebook groups. 
Let’s see if we can get some Disney Magic and reach 4000 laps at Racers by the end of the month. Ka Chow!!!

My dad and I when I was recovering from double knee replacement surgery.

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