Today I will hit 4000 laps (rides) on Radiator Springs Racers. I always get a little nervous and anxious when I get close to a milestone. Partly because I slow down my pace to hit the magic number on a certain day and to arrange the ride with cast members.

Yesterday, I only went on 8 times to get to 3999. Saving the 4000 lap for today. I took my time getting those 8 laps.
I started yesterday, by visiting Disneyland. I went on the new updated Peter Pan attraction. They updated the LED lights and some of the animation.  The colors were great and vibrant. I then went to see the new Yeti on Bobsleds. He was pretty cool. Then to Astro Blasters. I scored 601,000 points. I also got to see my friend Tom, who works the ride. 
Then it was off to Racers. I got there just after 9am. In between the 8 laps I needed to reach 3999, I visited a little bit with the cast members. They mentioned how much they like what I’m doing and how I’m part of their family. I even teared up a little bit as I was talking with Alessa A.. Slowing down my lap count gets me thinking about everything the Pit Crew has done for me. They truly treat me as one of their own. They always have my back and love chatting and taking countless photos with me. I light up every time I come to Racers and see their smiling faces when I show up. I try and bring them goodies as often as I can and give them photo albums of our pictures together. I don’t want them to ever forget me. I also talked to Cameron V. before  I left. She thinks I could hit 5000 by Halloween. We’ll see.
Now back to today.
I woke up early at 4:30am. I could not sleep. I got to the Mickey and Friends  parking structure right before it opened at 6:30am. I walked over from the parking lot, not waiting for a tram. I walked slowly to the ride after rope drop. At about 8:15am the leads Mark, Eddie and lead trainee Guillermo told me that 1pm would be a good time for lap 4000, with the cast members. So now I need to keep busy until then. 
I first said hi to Marc A. and Kimmy, who were working the Racers Fastpass distribution. Then I saw the Ant-Man preview in the Bugs theatre. It was pretty good. I will definitely see that film. I talked to the cast members working there and some of them recognized me from Facebook and Instagram. Pretty cool. Next, I went on the other Carsland attraction, Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree. I walked through Bugsland after. Saw a couple cast members that also work Racers. I then went to the Animation Academy. We learned how to draw Baymax from Big Hero 6. Now it’s only 10:35am. Two and a half hours to kill still. So I went by Racers and said hi to Amos, Arleen and Ruth. Getting a little antsy. Decided to take a walk around Paradise Pier. I’ve already have walked 3.7 miles today. Looking for a place to eat and ended coming back to Flo’s for lunch. Then I found out they need to push back the 4000 lap until 1:45pm when Carlene B. gets off work. I went and told Caroyln at Photopass that the 4000 lap will be at 1:45pm. She could see I was a little antsy and told me to go sit down and relax. I went outside of Flo’s Cafe and sat down. It is now 12:16pm. Former cast member Katie H. showed up at 12:30pm. I was able to visit with her for a few minutes. 
Then at 2:00pm, The Magic happened. Guillermo had cast members Carlene, Catalina and Ruth join Katie and I. We all got in Car Yellow 4 and  turned lap 4000. We even won the race. Katie had my GoPro, with a wrist mount and filmed the lap. It’s now back to racing towards 5000 laps. And getting 4000 lap photos with the crew. I’ve been very lucky to know this group and getting to experience the big milestones with them. They all know how much I love them all.

In the back row, from left to right, Catalina, myself and Katie. Front row, left to right, Ruth and Carlene.

Left to right: Ruth, Catalina, myself, Carlene and Katie

Goofy shot of the group

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