Yesterday was simply magical. I had no way of knowing that I would be able to reach 46 rides in one day. Forty five was the record I set last year on a Saturday in September. I thought that was a record  that would be hard to break. Boy, was I wrong. 

The day started out great. I was able to come in with the Extra Magic Morning guests at 7:00am. Only guests that stay at The Disney Hotels can come in that early. But sometimes, they let those who do not stay at the hotels come in also. If the crowd is not too big. 
I arrived at the ride at 7:20am and turned 4 laps before the regular guests came in at 8am. When I took my first break at 9:10am I already had 8 laps. Then at about 1:30pm I turned my 25th lap to reach 3900. I started taking photos with the Pit Crew as I also kept riding. By my next break at 3:30pm, I had 30 laps for the day. After 38 laps, the ride went down for about 20 minutes. A single car went bad. The car was by the disability load area of the ride. This was at 7:07pm. After lap 42, I asked the Leads Ryan and Aubrey if I could ride with The Pit screw after they cleared all guests from the ride. They told me if they were able to clear the queue quickly, it might be possible. So after I got out of my car at 10:00pm, they grabbed the cast members that were close by, if they wanted to ride with me for lap 46. They jumped at the chance. Teressa took charge and put herself, Alessa and Teddi in the front row. I was in the back row with Zeina. And turned lap 46. A new 1 day record on Radiator Springs Racers. 
That is always my favorite laps at Racers. Getting to ride with my Pit Crew friends. They are the spark that fires my desire to reach 5000 laps by the end of the year. Of course the next stop is 4900. I hope I can ride with the cast members on that big lap.

The 46th lap for the day,

Some of the 3900 cast member photos:
Aubrey and Kelsey

Brittany and Jordan

Catalina and Allison


Carlos and TJ




The 3900 lap photo

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