New Year’s Eve 2015

The last day of the year. I needed  21 laps (times) on Radiator Springs Racers to hit my goal of 5555. 

I started the day by coming in with the Extra Magic morning guests. One of the security guards, I’ve become friends with, asked the ticket takers if they could give us some magic. They let a group of us in at about 7:05 am. 
I arrived at Racers at 7:10am. The ride went down briefly and at 7:20am, the racing began. I got 4 laps before the ride went down from 8:24am until 8:38am. A single car faulted. I was in a car before race start. So we were able to get another lap without getting out of the car.
I took my first break from 10am until 10:12am. Eleven laps so far today. 
After lap 12, another car faulted. The ride was back up after 12 minutes. I asked a friend if I should stop when I hit 5555 or continue for the rest of the day. She told me to, “Keep going. See what you can hit before next year”.
At 2:42pm I got the 21 laps and 5555. I lost the race in purple 3. I usually lose on the big laps. And I kept going. While I was in line, a group of cast members were leaving for the day. They wished me Happy New Year with hand shakes and hugs. After 28 laps and at 7:25pm, I took a break. I went by Tower of Terror. I saw cast member Jamie K. We got a 5555 and Happy New Year photo. She also let me on ride through Fastpass entrance. Other cast members recognized me from my Racers photos and gave me high fives for my racing. Jamie ended up dispatching me on the attraction. 
I got back to Racers and got a total of 33 laps before they closed the ride for fireworks at 11:15pm. I reached 5567 laps. I watched the fireworks with the Pit Crew in front of the attraction. More Happy New Year wishes and hugs. 
The ride went down about 20 minutes before closing. It looked like I would not get to ride with the cast members. But they were able to fix the problem quickly. At about 1:30am, I was able to ride with my Pit Crew Friends. Now at 5568. I need to thank the Leads Carlene and Ryan for allowing me to wrap up 2015 in a special way. 
Everyone at Racers has helped make 2015 an awesome year. They are truly my brothers and sisters. Their support and kindness have kept me going. I hope I’ve been an example on how these great people should be treated. I love them with all my heart and look forward to a great 2016. KA CHOW.

Carina and John

Teresa and Alicia




Tower of Terror 

Sean, Greg and Heather

Marie and Brian

Stephanie, Marie, Greg and Catalina




Jonathan, Joel, Brittany and Heather

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