I didn’t think I would have reached 7000 rides on Radiator Springs Racers today. 
On July 4th, I was able to get 42 laps (rides) in on Racers. On the next day, I got on the ride another 43 times. So today, I only needed 34 laps to hit 7000.
The day started out great. The single-rider wait time was only 5 minutes for the first few hours. I arrived at the attraction at 7:36am and didn’t take a break until 2:54pm. I rode the ride 28 times by then. The wait time grew to 30 minutes and managed 5 more laps by 5:45pm. I only had one more lap to hit 7000. I took a break and waited for some of my friends who were cast members so they could ride the last lap with me. Carlene B. and Catalina S., came after they were done working for the day and showed up at about 7:40pm. Joining us in the car was Meli C. She was able to be relieved from her current Racers position in order to ride with us. Around 7:50pm, in Car Yellow 2 (Carlene’s Car), we turned lap 7000. We were on Luigi’s side for the race but we lost. A special thanks to  April and Justin who were the two Racer Leads that let us all ride together. Everyone at the ride have always been supportive in this adventure and you all know how much I care about them. Come next Tuesday, I start the march towards 8000 and I hope to reach that milestone by the end of the year.  If not sooner. Ka Chow

Meli, Catalina, and Carlene
Carlene, Meli, and Catalina. With Emily photobombing.
Goofy photo with Carlene, Meli and Catalina
Justin and Jessica
Tyler and Joel
Austin, Jacob and Tyler

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