July Recap

July was another good month at Radiator Springs Racers. I was able to get on the ride 302 times this month. Last July, I only got 186.
My best 3 days in a row, ever, happened from July 4th to July 6th. I turned 42 laps on the 4th of July. All by 6pm. I probably could of got a new 1 day record, with 4 hours left in the day. My record for one day is 52. This occurred on December 24th, last year. I promised my friends Dorise and Heather, I would go to their house for a BBQ. Some things are more important than getting on Racers.
On July 5th, I got on the ride 43 times. That meant, I needed 35 races on the 6th, to hit the 7000 ride mark. I got 28 of those laps by 4pm. Then the single rider line wait turned into 30 plus minutes. I kept in touch with my 2 friends, Carlene and Catalina. They were waiting to ride with me on the big lap. They had finished their work shifts at about 3:30pm. They then had to change out of their work uniforms to come back into the park to ride.

At about 7:30pm, we loaded into the car for ride 7000. Joining us was currently working cast member Meli. She was able to take a brief break from her normal work rotation to ride with us. I was very happy these 3 friends could ride on lap 7000. Catalina had my GoPro camera on her wrist and captured the ride.

For those who have not seen the video, click below:

It got a little slow after this day. The ride went down a few times and the weather was very hot and humid. It was not until July 26th, that I turned lap 7100.

July 29th was the last day I was at Racers for July. I got 33 rides to reach the 302 total for the month. I also reached 7177 all time. Exactly 3000 laps since the end of August, last year. What made the day extra special was getting to ride with 4 of the admins from the Drama Free Disney Facebook page. It was the first time these ladies were all together. And they wanted to ride with me. I was very honored we got to ride. The admins are Lisa, Trish, Erin and Heather. It was the first time I ever got to ride with Erin and Heather. It was the 10th time I got to ride with Lisa Love. I also was honored to ride with Jamie H. and her husband and 2 daughters. A great end to the month.
I can not do a July recap without including my rides on Tower of Terror. I was able to ride Tower 17 times in July. I’m now at 75 times this year and 121 total times. Hopefully I can ride with the Bellhops when I reach 150 rides.
A new adventure started in July. Two of my friends, Catalina and Carlene introduced me to Pokemon Go. We were at a McDonald’s by LAX and they showed me how to download the game and get started. We even ended up at a park at the end of the day. We walked around for almost 3 hours capturing Pokemons. That got me hooked. So any breaks from Racers, I’m playing. I even play as I walk into and away from DCA.

Looking forward to a great August. At Racers and Tower. 

Here are the current Racers stats for this year:
Rides by month:
January: 250
February: 177
March: 173
April: 216
May: 228
June: 264
July: 302 
For a total of 1610 this year. Last year I had 1405 at this time. On pace to beat last year’s total of 2795. 

By color of car this year. Total rides then won-lost record:
Silver: 275 and record of 156-119
Red: 210 and record of 112-98
Blue: 198 and record of 106-92
Teal: 193 and record of 100-93
Yellow: 190 and record of 103-87
Purple: 187 and record of 97-90
Green: 180 and record  of 98-82
Cranberry: 177 and record of 83-94
By lane for race:
Ramone: 802 and record of 465-337
Luigi: 808 and record of 388-420
1610 rides this year and record of 853-757
Meli, Catalina and Carlene leaving the station for lap 7000
The 7000 lap photo
Post 7000 ride with Carlene, Meli and Catalina
The 7100 ride
Andres, Desiree, Armando and Josh
Doug, Adrian, Carlene and John G.
Drama Free Admins: Trish, Heather, Lisa and Erin
Riding with the ladies
Ride with Jamie Hagel and her family
The 10 rides with Lisa Love
Sara M.
Sarah G.
Look at all the Poke stops inside DCA.

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