Birthday 2016

This was one of my best Birthdays ever.
I got to Radiator Springs Racers at about 8:05am. I was wearing my Disney Birthday button I got at DCA chamber of commerce. The single rider line was short  most of the day. Things were going good, when I got a text from my friend Sandra W. She was in the park with Jill G., also my friend. They came to Racers and we were able to ride together. We went by Luigi’s to say hi to my friend Catalina. She had us go on Luigl’s. It was my 7th time on the ride. Sandra, Jill and I then walked over to Soarin to get a Fastpass. I went back to Racers for a few more laps. My friend Eddie was waiting to be assigned a car, when he saw me. He waited for me to catch up to them. So I was able to ride with him and his daughter,niece and nephew. I turned a few more laps. I was in one car, and the ride stopped when I was in Luig’s tires. Cast member, Phil P., came and took a selfie stick from the girl sitting next to me. We then finished our ride. Did I get the business, when we got back to the station. My cast member friends, Carlene B., Rosanna H., and Ruth C., joking blamed me for the selfie stick. 
I walked back to Soarin to met Sandra and Jill. On the way, I saw Lisa B., escorting one of the trolley shows. I stopped to say hi and get a couple photos with her. She is one of the first Bellhops, at Tower of Terror, I got to know. It was great seeing her.
When I got to Soarin, Desiree L., was able to join Sandra, Jill and I for a ride. Desiree is one of my Racers friends. One of the flight crew even asked what my current count on Racers was. After going on Soarin for the 34th time, Desiree and I said our goodbyes to Sandra and Jill. We went to Racers. When we got there, cast members were still teasing me about the selfie stick incident. We met Erika and her husband and daughter. I met them last year when I was at 5500. The 5 of us were able to ride. It was great seeing them. We then went our separate ways. I stayed at Racers and turned a few more laps. I got 22 rides. Now at 6859. I went by Tower of Terror on my way out of the park. I got a couple photos with Patricia and Jamie K.
After going home to change clothes, I met some friends at The Benihana restaurant in Anaheim. I had a birthday dinner with my friends, Carlene, Catalina, Mike and Denisse G., Heather, Jon, Dorise, Sandra, Jill, Jenny and David. We had a fun time. They gave me some great gifts. Racers and Star Wars related, of course. It was a great way to end a great day. Birthday 2016. Thanks everyone who wished me well and took pictures with me. It is still amazing how going on a ride a few thousand times has created friendships that will last forever.

Dinner with Jill, Jon, Sandra, Heather, Dorise, David, Jenny, Catalina, Denisse, Carlene, and Mike
 Birthday Video:

Jill and Sandra in back row with me.
Jill and Sandra
Eddie and family
Sandra, Desiree and Jill at Soarin
Erika and family, Desiree
Erika and family
Carlene and Catalina at dinner
Group dinner photo
Stephanie and Carina
Allison and Marie
John G.

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