This past week, I was off work for 5 days in a row. Monday to Friday. My goals for the week were to hit 7400 rides on Radiator Springs Racers on Monday and hopefully hit the 7500 mark on Friday. Let’s see how it turned out.

Monday, August 29:

My race count to start the day was 7389. I got the 11 rides I needed to reach 7400 at 2:06 pm. Only one break for 12 minutes during the 11 laps. I got in 5 more rides before taking a 16-minute break at 3:40 pm. Two more rides and then the ride started having a few single car issues or faults. When a car faults, they take the guests out of the car, then start the car up. It usually means the ride is only down for about 10 minutes or so. I ended up with 20 rides for the day and left at 5:44 pm to go watch my friend Catalina and her husband Deane play on their Disney softball team. I ended the racing day at a count of 7409.

Tuesday, August 30th:

I arrived at Racers at 10:05 am. I turned 11 laps before my first break at 12:47 pm. Nine more rides until the ride had a single car fault at 3:30 pm. I was able to get 5 more laps before a single car fault at 5:22 pm turned into a full ride power down. The ride was not up when I decided to call it a day at 7:05 pm. I think it came back up right after I left. I ended up with 25 rides and 7434 all time.

Wednesday, August 31st:

After getting to Racers at 10:07 am, I got on 11 times before taking a 35-minute break at 12:35 pm. Then 12 more rides until 4:41 pm. A single car went down and they could not get it to move after taking the guests out of the car. They had to do I full power down to reset. I was in a car at Luigi’s tire change. When Sara B got to my car, to take me and the other guests out she said, “what did you do Jon.” They always tease me, that it is my fault when the ride goes down.

The ride was up again at 6:02 pm. I got on the ride 5 more times until leaving at 7:21 pm. So, 28 rides for the day and a total of 7462.

Thursday, September 1st:

Today I went to the Run Disney Expo at the Disneyland Hotel. I went to get my race bib for the 5K run. I also saw my friends Grace S. and Allison M. Plus I met up with my friend Nichelle C.. Nichelle was there with her 2 boys. She was getting her bib for her first ever Disney run. The 5K event.

I arrived at Racers at 11:05 am. When I got in my first car for the day, the ride did an Automatic Power Drop or APD for short. All the cast members pointed their fingers at me and blamed me again for the attraction going down.

I walked around getting pictures with my friends before the ride came up again at 1:53 pm. I still was able to get in 18 rides for the day. I also got to ride with my friends Angela S. and her mom Kathy S. They are from Oregon and were down to run in the 10K event. I met them one year ago at the same time for my first Disney 5K run. Catalina introduced me to Angela. And I got a 4444 picture with her. We have been friends ever since. She and her mom made the 5000 lap sign.  My total was then at 7480 when I left at 8 pm.

Friday, September 2nd:

I got up at 3am to get ready for the Disney 5K. I met Nichelle C. She was in corral A and I was in corral C for the race. She texted me when she finished. I was at mile 2 at that point. It was a fun race. I walk the runs. And jogged in a couple places. During the run, I saw a few cast members including Jessica M., outside Mater’s. When I got to Downtown Disney, Angela and Kathy were cheering me on and they even made a sign that said: “Go Jon.” That helped me finish the race strong. I always love any support I can get in these events. It took me 42 minutes to finish the race. I got a photo after with Nichelle. I then changed my clothes. As I was walking to DCA,  I saw Cameo H. She is a cast member that usually works in Bugs Land. I got my first photo with her. She was also working the Run Disney event. I went on Tower of Terror before arriving at Racers at 9:35am. I needed 20 rides to hit 7500. I got on the ride 5 times before a 18 minute single car faulted  at 11:40am. Three more laps and a 20 minute break at 12:36am. Got in another 7 rides before another 13 minute single car fault at 2:36pm. Four more rides  and I reached 7499. I took a break from 3:57pm until 7:45pm. I waited for my friends Sandra and Ken W., Angela and Kathy to show up. I always like riding with friends on the big laps. At 7:58pm. I got ride 7500. Now I’m 3/4 of the way to 10,000 rides.

I also ended up with 4 rides at Tower for the day. I’m now at 149 on that attraction.

Before I left the park, I went over to Paradise Pier to look for Jamie K. She wanted me to come say hi. I always like seeing my friends as I walk through the parks. We got a couple pictures. It was a good way to end the night.

Saturday, September, 3rd:

I came to Racers after work. I got on the ride 4 times.

I went from 7389 to 7504 in 6 days. My Fit Bit also showed that I walk 70 miles for the week.

It was a great week. Hitting 2 milestone laps, participating in the Disney 5K, reuniting with friends and taking pictures to celebrate this great adventure. I’m so thankful for all the support I have gotten along the way. Please keep it up.

The 7400 ride

Ruth and Carlene “taking a bite”

Marisa and Monique




Jarred and Emily at Luig’s


Alexis and Allison

Teresa, Jamie,Tyler, Sebastian, and Vanessa

Jessica at Mater’s

Lisa at World of Color

Nichelle, Liam, and Ollie at Run Disney Expo

Martha, Morgan, Teo and Tracie

Mikey, Rosanna, Betoh, Monique, Josh, Robbie, and Aleyah

Angela and Kathy

Angela and Kathy

Angela and Kathy

Nichell after 5K


Angela and Kathy


Andrew and Greg

Rosanna wanted my medal 

Rosy and Lainie

Carlene taking a bite



Kristin and Josie 

With Ken, Sandra, Angela and Kathy for lap 7500

Ken, Sandra, Angela, and Kathy


Jamie at World of Color





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