This past week, they were working on the main entrance at Radiator Springs Racers. Because of this, they were loading guests into the cue by Flo’s Cafe. Only Fastpass and Standby guests. No single rider line. I was at Racers on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. I got on the ride a total of 15 times. If the single rider was open, I could have gotten about 60 rides. I knew this was coming. Better now than later. My total is now 7769.

I did get to ride with a few friends. I met up with Janet, Nick, Angela, Clark, and Diana. I also met Tammy from Hawaii. She is a friend from the Drama Free Disney group. It was great to see them all.

I also had a special visit from some other friends from Hawaii. My friends Paul, Melissa, and Isaiah. I have not seen Paul for more than 20 years. It was great to catch up. The one thing we talked about was a church basketball game we played in. We were playing for the local championship. The team was playing very cocky and trash talking how they were going to beat us. We used this as motivation. We ended up beating them. Paul, my brother Jamison and Phil N. crashed the boards. Paul even blocked a guy who tried to dunk on him. Kent N., Kurt M., and I were draining shots from the 3 point line. Everyone came together to win. I see and hear those that are negative about my adventure at Racers. I will also use this as motivation to hit my racing goals. 

I had a lot of free time to see other attractions at DCA and Disneyland. I was able to get on Tower of Terror 10 times. My total is now 175 times. I always feel welcome at Tower. They are a great group of Bellhops and friends.

I got to hang with Paul, Melissa and Isaiah, we went to see The Frozen Show. It was pretty good. After,  we went to get a photo of Anna and Elsa. Anna asked if I was faster than Sven. I told her no. She said a good answer. We also went on Monster’s Inc.

I met up with them again on Thursday. We met over at Disneyland. We went on Big Thunder and Space Mountain. We then got a photo with Kylo Ren, from Star Wars. It was great spending time with them.

I also walked around California Adventure to see some of my cast member friends. I visited with Jessica and Lainie at Maters. Cameo in Bug’s land. Andrew, Rosanna, Carlene, Meli, and Teresa at Racers. Desiree at Disney Jr. Brittany and Amos at Hyperion. And Sarah G., Josie, Elizabeth, Sarah P., Kristen and Betoh at Tower.

I also had a painting of me, go on display at an art museum in Taipei. Artist Jonah took a photo of me and made a painting. Pretty awesome.

To cap off the week, I went to a book signing in Fullerton. Scott R. interviewed me back when I was at 3100 rides on Racers. He took notes as we walked together in the single rider line. I talked about my Racer story and mentioned Katie, Carlene, Eddie C., and Cameron. He also talked to other Disney enthusiasts. He wrote a book and gave me an autograph copy. Pretty cool.

Overall it turned out to be a great week. Even though I only got on Racers 15 times. I’ll be back in the single rider line on Monday. Hopefully hitting the 7777 and 7800 laps.

Melissa, Paul, and Isaiah

Nick, Clark, Diana, Janet, Angela











Carlene and Teresa

Kristin and Sarah

Lisa and Betoh


Josie, Elizabeth, and Sarah

Golden and Jessica

Elsa, Melissa, Isaiah, and Anna



Jonah picture in Tapai 

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