August 2nd and 3rd

Tuesday, August 2nd was my first time at Radiator Springs Racers for the month. I needed 23 rides to reach the 7200 mark. The single rider line was not very crowded. I got 13 rides before my first break at 11:10 am. Back racing and 9 more laps by 2:45 pm. I then met up with Eva and Don Frank, and their kids Alex and Jade. We were able to ride together in the 7200 car. The ride occurred at 3:05 pm. I met the Franks in January when I was past 5555 at Racers. So it was great, when they came back to the Disney Resort, that we were able to hook up on the big lap.

I also was able to go on Tower of Terror 2 times and reach 123 times there.

Wednesday was also a good day. My cousin Marianne Smith and her family was visiting from Utah. We were also able to ride together. And get pictures after. It was great to see them all.

It got a little hot, so I took a couple break to cool down. I also went on Tower once. Tuesday I got on Racers 25 times. I wanted to end with the same amount on Wednesday. As I was waiting in line, for lap 25, two ladies recognized me from Facebook. Michelle Burbank and Lindsay Steinke. They are sisters in law. They were actually trying to find me. They succeeded. They jumped in line with me and we got to ride for my 25th time on Wednesday and 7227 all time. We also got photos before and after the ride. It is always great meeting new people and having the opportunity to share in the adventure.

As I was leaving the park, I went on Tower of Terror one more time. Now at 125. I want to reach at least 200 times before they change the ride in January.

I also played Pokemon Go both days. I’m now at level 22.

I hope the rest of August will be just as great as the first couple of days.

Michelle and Lindsay before lap 7227

Don, Eva, Alex, and Jade on lap 7200

Don, Eva, Jade, and Alex

Marianne and family

Marianne and family

Michelle and Lindsay in line

Michelle and Lindsay

Michelle and Lindsay

Nadine, Carina, and Guillermo




Jory and Brian



My favorite Pokemon

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