This week started out pretty good. I came on my usual Monday and Tuesday for all day racing.

When I saw the crowds waiting to get into the parks, I thought it would be tough to get the rides I wanted. The hours of operation for Disney California Adventure were shortened to 10 am to 8 pm. Only 10 hours.

On Monday the ride was great all day long. No downtimes. But single rider line was fast at times and slow other times. By the end of the night, I was at 23 laps. One of my cast member friends was at belt check and told me I should have time to get in one more ride. So when I got off, I walked around to the entrance. The single rider line was closed, so I went through the standby line and got to 24 rides for the day. My total was then 7949.

I came Tuesday and the crowd was even bigger. But for some reason, they were not using the single rider line at Racers. I was able to get on 26 times. That brought my total to 7999.

On Friday, I got to the park at 7 am. I even got in with Extra Magic guests 8:15 am. The plan is to go on the 8000 lap around 4 pm. So I had a lot of free time. I first went on Tower of Terror 2 times. I walked by Flik’s Fun Fair and saw Martha. Visited with her for a couple minutes. She got full-time work over at Paradise Pier. So had to get one last picture with her, at Flik’s.

I also visited with Sergio and Jess at Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree. Then walked back to Tower for another ride. Then went by Radiator Springs Racers. Catalina was out front, by the single rider line. We talked about the Run Disney events, among other things. I walked over to the Run Disney Expo at the Disneyland Hotel Convention Center. I saw some friends including Heather and Cameo. Great to see them both. I walked back into DCA and went on Tower one more time, I’m now at 189 times on that ride. It was then around 2 pm. So I went into Flo’s Cafe to get a coke and sit down for a few minutes. Also to start writing this post. Now just waiting for 4 pm to come so we can get the 8000 lap.

At around 4 pm, Catalina, Carlene, Tara and her Mom and Dad, and Heather showed up. In the front seat was Heather, Tara, and Carlene. In the back were Mary, myself and Catalina. At 4:23 pm, in Red 2, on Ramone side of the track, we turned the 8000 lap. We lost the race. Heather had my GoPro camera and we got a video of the lap. I’ll post on YouTube the end of next week.

The single rider line was crowded, so I called it a day. Back tomorrow after racing in the Avengers 10K.

Tara, Carlene, Catalina, Heather, Mary, and Mark












Sarah, Analeen, Ammie


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