Halloween 2016

I had a feeling Halloween would be a good day at Radiator Springs Racers. I did not expect it to be this good.

It started out a little rough. I got in my first car of the day, and the ride went down. A car faulted inside the attraction. It only took a few minutes to fix. But Cast Member, Rosanna jokingly blamed me. After a few rides, the same thing happened again. And I got the blame again. After those 2 quick stop times, we were rolling. No one was using the single rider line. When I took my first break at 11:39 am, I had 11 rides. Still, no one using the single rider line. The one trend that seems to happen a lot, is getting in the same exact car, from one ride to the next. If there is no one in the single rider line, I can get out of a car, walked all the way around and get back in the same car after it has cycled through once. Yesterday, I got in Yellow 4, 3 times in a row. Silver 5 twice, and  Red 3 and Red 6 twice in a row.

At 3:10 pm, after 26 rides, I hit the 7900 mark. Still, 5 hours left in the day. So kept on racing. I had 31 rides by my last break at 4:30 pm. And ended up with 44 for the day. They even let me ride lap 44 by myself at the end of the night. Forty-four is the most rides in one day this year. Last year I had a 46, 47, and on Christmas Eve, 52 rides. I’m now at 7918. 8000 is just a couple weeks away.


Ride 7900


44th ride


Nick and Ashley 

Sean and Heather












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