I did not think I would reach a milestone today. Good thing I had the sign in my backpack.

The single rider line at Racers was empty all day. I think the longest I had to wait was 15 minutes.

Before we get to Racers, I was able to go on Guardians of  The Galaxy: Mission Breakout 4 times today. Was lucky and got the song “Free Ride” for one of the rides. I’m now at 85 on that attraction.

At Racers, I needed 27 rides to reach the 9600 mark. I got 7 before a break at 12:15 pm. Five more before my second break at 2:56 pm. I then went on 14 more times to reach the 9599 mark. The time was 6:51 pm. One more to go. I took a long break. I went over to the Run Disney Expo. I’m signed up for the Toy Story Half Marathon on Sunday. I needed to get my race bib. On the way over there, I ran into Angela and her mom Kathy. I’m doing the half marathon with Angela. We are going to be racing buddies. We are both in the last corral. So we need to get in line early to be at the front of the corral.

Along the way today I took pictures with my friends. I saw Jackie, Delaney, Rosy, and Adriana. I also visited with my friend Amanda. She took the chocolates I got at Ghirardelli. I also got a photo of the moon above the Guardians Fortress.

I also got to ride today with my friend Jamie and her racing friends. We all got Fastpass, so we could ride in the same car.

I waited for the ride to close. I was the last one in line when the park closed at 10 pm.

I got to ride race number 9600 with my good Pit Crew friend, Desiree. We sat in the front row. And we won the race.

It was a great day. Full of Disney and Racers Magic. I want to thank all my friends who made this a very special day. They know who I’m talking about. 400 rides to go. KA Chow.


The 9600 ride with Desiree







Ride with Jamie and her friends

Moon over Guardians 

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