Tower 100

I had to do a blog about my 100th ride on Tower of Terror. This is one of my favorite rides at Disney California Adventure. I even went to the Passholder preview of the ride before they officially opened in 2004.
After work on Saturday, I drove to the Disneyland Resort. I walked by Tower at about 7pm. I dropped off some chocolate chip cookies I made for the Bellhops. I told cast member Kate M. I would be back later, when the ride would be closing for the night. She was truly excited for me, reaching 100 on Tower.
I walked over to Radiator Springs Racers, to get in a few laps. I got a 6800 photo with Jessica G. and Carlene photobombing the picture. Thanks to them both. I was able to get 4 rides. Now at 6835 on Racers.
At 8:30pm, I walked back over to Tower. I talked to Alex D. and Megan H., who were at the entrance. Sarah G. also came by. She had to clock out before she could ride with me and the other Bellhops. In fact, Sarah help set up the 100 ride. I was stuck on 99 for a couple weeks. I Facebook messaged Sarah and she said she would clear things with the Ride Lead. So all the Bellhops knew this would be the big ride.
We waited until they closed the ride for the night. I walked back to the elevators with Bellhops Kaden and Megan. Kaden has never been on the ride. So I got a picture with her and Megan before the ride. I also got a few other photos with my Bellhop friends before they cleared the attraction of all the “guests”. We even waited for the upstairs operators to come downstairs.
At about 9:30pm, Kaden dispatched the Bellhops and me on our ride to the 13th   floor. We did the ride in the “No Show” mode. This is when they turn off all the lights, video and audio. So you do not know when the drops will happen. And in the dark the whole time. The only sounds were the blowing of the wind and our screams. I held up the 100 sign on the 13th floor. When we got back, all the Bellhops clapped. They really made this a special ride. I got a shot of the ride photo and thanked them all for letting me ride with them.
My birthday is on Tuesday. And this was a great birthday present. 
Whether it be Racers or Tower, the cast members have always made me feel part of their family. They really help me enjoy the big milestone days. And they like to take photos with me. They are all awesome.
The 100 ride on Tower with my friends Alex, Jose, Ashley, Sarah, Andrew, Jessica, Megan, Viona, Samantha,  and Shaughn
Carlene and Jessica at Racers 
Kaden and Megan
Sarah and Jenna
Megan, Sarah, Andrew, Jessica, Ashley, Jenna, and Samantha
In the next 2 photos: Jessica, Samantha, Jenna, Sarah, Andrew, Ashley, Kaden and Megan

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