Finish Line Bridge and stats for this year

Walking in the single rider queue can be both adventurous and challenging. Former Radiator Springs Racers cast member, Sherri Bordeaux, joking called the queue, The Jon Hale Expressway. It sure can be when only a few guests are waiting in the line. But there are also times when it can slow to a crawl. Everything is great when the wait is under 10 minutes. But over 25 minutes, can get a bit draining. I’m referring to the section of the line from the Finish Line Bridge to Merge (where the Single rider, Fastpass and Standby lines meet up). This is what I like to call the “No Cast Member” section of the line. I get a little anxious not being able to see The Crew.

  I also get a feeling of being boxed in when all 3 lines are packed under the Finish Line Bridge. It can be a bit uncomfortable at times. I want to get by this part of the line as fast as I can. Luckily I’ve never been under the bridge during a ride shutdown. 
The one comment I keep getting from the Pit Crew is ” I don’t know how you do it”. I sometimes don’t know how I do it either. Maybe it’s my competitive nature. Growing up, I played on basketball and softball teams that always seemed to win. So I do not want to lose trying to reach my goal for this year. And the Pit Crew always help keep me on track. I’ve really been blessed knowing this group of cast members.

 I now have a Fitbit band to see how much walking I do at Racers.

The first list of stats for this year.
At 1054 laps so far this year.
533 wins and 521 losses
By lane of race:
Luigi 519 times and record of 272 wins and 247 losses
Ramone 535 times and record of 261 wins and 274 losses
By color of car:
Red: 169 record of 97-78
Teal: 154 record of 69-85
Purple: 146 record of 79-67
Silver: 142 record of 74-68
Green: 120 record of 59-61
Yellow: 116 record of 65-51
Blue: 105 record of 54-51
Cranberry: 102 record of 42-60
Winning record on Luigi’s side and colors : Red, Purple, Silver, Yellow and Blue.
Losing with colors Teal, Green and Cranberry.

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