May Recap and what to look forward in June

May was a good month. I was able to get on the ride 228 times. By the end of May last year I was at 937 rides, for the year. This year I have 1044 laps. Now at 6611 all time.
I went pass the 6400, 6500 and 6600 laps in May. Got to meet old friends and make new ones. Etsuko came from Japan for a visit. It was great to see her. My good friend Lisa Love and her family came by one day. Got to ride with them 4 times. They even got me to visit Disneyland and go on Indiana Jones.
I participated in my first 1/2 Marathon. My good friend Catalina S. walked with me the whole race. It took 3 and a half hours but the time flew by. We talked the whole time. 
My friend Tina B. was able to ride in the 6400 car and friends Aria and Austin D. were in the 6500 car.

Towards the end of the month, my friends Larissa F. and Jana D. came by for a visit.  I saw Larissa and her son Riley last year.

And yesterday I met Danielle B. and her Aunt Janean, visiting the parks for the first time, from Tennessee.

Last night I met Carrie P. And her husband. I was walking to my car, and Carrie asked me if I was the guy that’s been in Racers all those times. She told me that she has seen me on Facebook and that my story is inspirational. It makes me very humble, that people see me that way. I have tried to be a good example of how guests should treat the cart members. And my cast member friends make sure I don’t get a big head about this stuff. They jokingly blame me, when the ride breaks down and always find the time to take pictures with me. They also seem to know where I’m at on my laps for the day. And what color cars I keep getting in.

Now what can we expect in June. 

June is a sad and good month. Sad because it will be 2 years this June, since my Dad passed away. But my Dad would not want me to dwell on the sad.

The good: Some of  my cast member friends have birthdays this month. Catalina S., Thomas P., Desiree L., Alex A., Karla S., Emma B., Stepanie and Samantha L., Amana G., Jeffrey N., Eva S., Luis A., and Joshua S. It is also my birthday month. 

Radiator Springs Racers also turns 4 on June 15th. I will make a sign for that day. We’ll see what my lap count will be on that special day.
I should also reach 100 times on Tower of Terror. Only 5 rides to go. I’ll have to find a non grad night to hopefully ride with the Bellhops, for the 100th ride.
June also needs to be a good ride total month, at Racers. I set a tentative day to reach 7000 rides by July 12th. 389 laps to go. I’m sure with all the support and encouragement from all my friends, this can occur. KA CHOW

Lisa and Olivia 
Catalina during half marathon
After race with our medals
Darren, Karla, Makinna and Jeremy 
Jess and Carol
Alex, Dalene, Kathleen, Lisa, Alexandra, and Christina
Aria and Austin
Teresa and Jess

Larissa and Jana
Janean and Danielle
Ruth and Alejandra
Erin and her kids
Tracy, Sarah and Cheyenne 

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